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How to measure a handbag

Measuring a Handbag

Let’s say there’s a bag online that you really like. It says the size is a ‘medium.’ How can you tell you how big a medium-sized bag is? Or let’s say, you want to buy a handbag that is similar in size to the handbag that you already own. How can you tell if a bag online is the same size?
This is where knowing how to measure a handbag can be so valuable. If you know how to measure a handbag, you’ll never be disappointed by the size of the bag that you order online because you’ll always know what you’ve ordered!


Handbag Sizes

The first thing you should know about handbag sizes is what measurements each handbag size corresponds to. We’ve listed down the handbag sizes with their measurements below:

1. Small

A small-sized handbag is approximately 6 to 12 inches wide. It is only big enough to hold your mobile phone, a small-sized wallet, and cosmetics like lipstick.

2. Medium

A medium-sized handbag is about 12 to 14 inches wide. It can carry your mobile phone, a wallet, small cosmetics like lipstick, and a paperback novel.

3. Large

A large-sized handbag is more spacious as compared to both small and medium-sized handbags. It is 14 to 16 inches in width and is big enough for your mobile phone, a wallet, a cosmetic case, a paperback novel, and a water bottle.

4. Extra large

The biggest of all, extra-large handbags are usually carryalls. They’re more than 16 inches wide and are big enough to carry most of your essentials, including your mobile phone, wallet, iPad, water bottle, paperback novel, cosmetic case, check book, etc.


Dimensions of a Handbag

It is important to know the size of your current bag so that you can compare it with the size you’re ordering online. It gets more important if you want to buy a bag that is pretty much the same size as your current handbag. The size of your handbag also comes into play while you’re traveling, as some airlines have restrictions on the size of the bag you’re permitted to carry with you.

The dimensions that you need to measure include length, width, height, and strap drop. Taking measurements for each dimension is not a simple as simply placing a ruler and noting the figure. It’s a little bit more complicated than that.


How to Measure a Handbag

The right way to measure a handbag is from the inside instead of from the outside. This is because the exterior of any handbag is much larger as compared to the actual space that is available inside.


Measuring the Length

Measuring a bag that has a consistent shape is different than measuring a bag that’s inconsistent at different parts.

For a bag that has a well-defined base or a rather consistent shape, the length is measured as the distance between the two widest points. However, if the shape of the handbag is inconsistent, the length is measured at three distinctive points, which are: top (the distance between the points where the handles are attached), middle (the distance between two points on either side of the bag in the central region of the body), and bottom (the area between two points on each corner of the base of the bag).


Measuring the Height

The height is measured as the distance between the opening of a bag and the base. In many bags, the point where the bag’s opening lies isn’t at the same level as it is in slouch bags. For cases like these, the distance is measured from the base until the centre of the lowest resting point at the top.


Measuring the Strap Drop

The strap drop is the dimension of a handbag that tells you how big the top handles are. It is measured as the distance between the opening of the bag and the highest point on the bag’s straps. If this distance is more than 8 inches (8 to 20 inches), the bag can be carried conveniently on your shoulder.

However, handbags with a strap drop lesser than 8 inches will have to be always held in the hand. Carrying them over the shoulder will not be comfortable.

If the length is greater than 20 inches, you can carry the handbag in several ways as a strap of this length is highly versatile. You can use these handbags as crossbody bags or messenger bags or simply over the shoulder – whatever you’re comfortable with!

How the Size of the Handbag Affects its Appearance

All women carry handbags. Nowadays, when large-sized handbags are the new trend, every woman is seen carrying them. What you may not know is that the size of a handbag influences the way you appear. Yes, you heard that right!

Large-sized bags make you look smaller, while smaller bags make you look bigger. If you’re short and petite, carrying a small bag will make you look larger. Similarly, if you’re bulky and want to look smaller, carry a larger handbag.

Our Final Thoughts

Knowing how to measure a handbag might seem like an unnecessary skill but trust us when we tell you that it can help you a great deal. If you know how to measure handbags, shopping for handbags online will be more fun and less stressful. You won’t find yourself worrying about the size of the bag that you’re ordering because you’ll know the size of the ordered product all along!

Our guide on how to measure a handbag contains all the information you’ll need to measure a handbag like a pro. So, before ordering your next handbag online, make sure you know how to measure a handbag!

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