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Six decades of design

Founded in 1962, Lorenzi has embodied masterful artistry, design innovation and the finest quality. Lorenzi, has been nurtured for seven decades with hard work, talent, and technical knowledge, and has become an international leather craft brand, respected all over the world as a symbol of elegance and refinement.

Our History

The story of the luxury bag brand Lorenzi began 7 decades ago, when its founder, Renzo Caon,  immigrated from the beautiful art town of Padua-Italy to South Africa. Renzo started his leathercraft career, spanning more than 60 years, as a trained artisan in Italy in the late 50’s. Renzo search for a better life post World War II in Europe and this journey led him to South Africa, bringing with him the artistic and creative know-how, to fulfil a dream. Since the founding of Lorenzi in 1962 in the heart of Johannesburg, Renzo Caon, devoted himself to mastering the craftsmanship of leather handbags and accessories.

Renzo focussed from the outset on using locally produced exotic leathers for his designs. In the late 60’s the first of Lorenzi’s retail stores was opened in what was then Johannesburg’s trendiest shopping district – Eloff Street. Today, Lorenzi features stores in Sandton Square and Victoria and Alfred Stores in Cape town. On Renzo’s passing in 2017, his 60 years of experience and leathercraft skills were carried on by his children who took over the reins at Lorenzi. 

The 21st century has heralded a new era for Lorenzi when it became part of the Le Croc integrated exotic leather value chain in August 2022. Lorenzi now forms part of a unique operations that spans form crocodile breeding and farming, exotic leather tanning to design, manufacturing, and retail of exclusive luxury leather products. Lorenzi’s designs now feature the finest, ethically produced crocodile leather that satisfies the increasing demands of its sophisticated and elite customers. 

Our Values

  • Creativity and authenticity, striving for excellence. 
  • Honesty and integrity are fundamental to our brand.

The future excites us, as we aim to produce creations that combine history and tradition with contemporary styles and exotic leathers with new materials. 

LOrenzi Signature Style

Lorenzi products are curated into three distinctive product ranges, each with collections that forms a harmonious blend of vintage inspiration and contemporary aesthetics. Lorenzi’s product ranges consist of the following:

Combines classic sophistication with contemporary, luxury and timeless elegance, yet functional products for everyday use.

The designs merge contemporary urban fashion with a distinctive blend of edgy and sleek styles, creating a vibrant and young look. 


A gift to our daughter Lorena – Renzo Founder of Lorenzi.

A gorgeous patent pochette diligently worn to church every Sunday


This edgy white patent clutch was inspired by the era of art-deco. This marked a period of growth, courage and experimentation.


A timeless evening bag created in ostrich with a frontal pleat detail.

Designed in the 80’s when Lorenzi had begun to establish itself.


Our sexy timeless ostrich leg clutch. Always elegant, always current.


Black ostrich tote. This handbag was an everyday bag. Well rounded – It could definitely fit a lady’s entire life in it.


Our “Millenium” bag. So named as we designed it to commemorate the turn of the millenium. 23 years later and she is still one of our best sellers.

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