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Experience the Lorenzi Difference Unveiling Your Bag's Identity: Serial Number

At Lorenzi, we craft luxury leather bags that are not only timeless in design but also guaranteed to be genuine. Just like a fingerprint, each Lorenzi bag boasts a unique identifier – its serial number (SN). This number distinguishes your bag from all others, ensuring its authenticity and superior quality. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the unique authenticity certificates accompanying every purchase, ensuring that you receive a genuine piece of luxury.

Your Mark of Authenticity

Look inside your Lorenzi bag. You’ll find a discreetly placed woven tag displaying a unique serial number. This number serves as your assurance of owning a genuine Lorenzi product. It allows us to meticulously track each bag through the production process, ensuring the highest quality standards are met.

Finding Your Bag's Hidden Mark

Look inside your Lorenzi bag for a discreetly placed woven tag. This tag often resides on the left or right side of the lining, usually sewn in for a clean finish. It might be quite small, so keep an eye out. If your bag has pockets, don’t forget to check the interior seams of those pockets as well. The tag could be hiding there!

Each of your Lorenzi bag has its downloadable authenticity certificate, this digital document, accessible from our website, provides details about your specific bag, including:

  • The unique serial number
  • The bag’s range, name and style code (this code helps identify that specific design in our entire Lorenzi product range)
  • The type of material, colour and SKU

Together, the serial number and style code act as your bag’s unique identity, offering peace of mind and a glimpse into its story.

You can easily access your certificate by entering your bag’s serial number on our dedicated download page ( Authenticity Certificate )


A Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Owning a Lorenzi bag signifies more than just possessing a luxurious accessory. It reflects your appreciation for quality craftsmanship and sustainable practices. We are committed to using eco-friendly materials and upholding ethical production processes throughout our supply chain.

By choosing Lorenzi, you’re not just acquiring a beautiful bag; you’re investing in a brand dedicated to responsible luxury made in South Africa.

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